Selenium Certification Exam

Selenium Certification Exam

Exam Cost: USD 30.00

Benefits of LoopSkill Certification

You will become Internationally Certified Selenium Professional.

Backed by 5000+ Companies this Certification will provide you Great Job Opportunities.

Worldwide Average salary of a Selenium Professional is around $60,000 per annum.

Exam Cost: USD 30.00

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What Is Selenium?

Selenium is a web application testing framework that is free and open-source. Without having to learn a test scripting language, Selenium provides a playback tool for building functional tests (Selenium IDE). It also includes a test domain-specific language for writing tests in C#, Groovy, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Scala, among other popular programming languages. Most recent web browsers can then be used to run the tests. Selenium is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. It's free software distributed under the Apache License 2.0.

Jason Huggins first created Selenium in 2004 as an internal tool at ThoughtWorks. Huggins was eventually joined by other programmers and testers from ThoughtWorks, before Paul Hammant joined the team and oversaw the creation of the second mode of operation, which became known as "Selenium Remote Control" (RC). That year, the utility was made open source.

Dan Fabulich and Nelson Sproul (with Pat Lightbody's support) made an offer in 2005 to accept a series of fixes that would turn Selenium-RC into what it is today known for. The direction of Selenium as a project would continue as a committee at the same meeting, with Huggins and Hammant representing ThoughtWorks.

Huggins made a joke in an email criticizing a competitor named Mercury, suggesting that taking selenium pills can heal mercury poisoning. The moniker was taken by the others who received the email and ran with it.


Salary Range of An Selenium Professional

Depending on the experience level and the demographic area, the salary of a Selenium Professional varies widely.

The following is the average Selenium Professional Salary in USA:

Best Minds In Selenium$100,000
Senior Selenium Professionals$ 85,000
Intermediate Selenium Professionals$ 65,000
Selenium Fresher$ 50,000


The following is the average Selenium Professional Salary in India:

Best Minds In SeleniumINR 90,000
Senior Selenium ProfessionalsINR 60,000
Intermediate Selenium ProfessionalsINR 35,000
Selenium FresherINR 20,000


What Is Selenium Certification?

Selenium Certification assesses a person's knowledge of the selenium as well as their understanding of digital concepts. A variety of certifying authorities, ranging from government agencies to commercial enterprises and organisations, offer the Selenium certification. Certifications are normally obtained by the completion of an online or offline exam.

All certificates have their own set of benefits, such as international recognition, career opportunities, freelancing, and so on. So, Selenium certification is an online exam that evaluates a Professional's skills and knowledge in order to match them with the suitable opportunities.


Why should you take this Online Selenium Certification?

The online Selenium certification from Loopskill will assist you in becoming a certified Professional. You can take this exam and by scoring 70% you will become an internationally certified Selenium Professional. This certification will help you in three different ways:

  • You can demonstrate your Selenium certification to potential employers and can stand out of the crowd.
  • You can apply for great jobs using loopskill website or app; moreover, our partners companies will contact you directly for full-time or part-time opportunities depending on your skills & requirements.
  • Loopskill is not just a platform to get certified or to find full time jobs; here being a certified Professional you can also do freelancing for the clients around the globe. You will be approached by the clients who need your help in building some web based platform or some app based platform.

The loopskill’s online Selenium certification is created to help people in exploring and achieving their full potential so they can get connected to the best opportunities around the globe.


Advantages of Selenium

Selenium is a tool for automating testing across many web browsers. Selenium WebDriver supports a variety of browsers, including Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer, and allows you to simply automate browser testing across different browsers. On your computer screen, you can observe live automated tests being run. However, because there are so many tools for automation testing, the question we'll be answering in this article still stands.

Let's have a look at what Selenium has to offer in order to win this game.

Support for Language and Framework: Selenium supports all main programming languages for software test automation, including Java, Python, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, and Perl. You can write your scripts in any of these programming languages, and Selenium will automatically convert them to Selenium compatible code.

Availability of Open Source: The fact that Selenium is open source is only one of the numerous benefits it offers. Selenium is a publicly available automation framework that is free with no upfront expenses because it is an open source application. As a result, you can save money and use it towards other good causes.

Support for multiple browsers: Every day, the Selenium community has been working on and improving "one Selenium script for all browsers." According to StatCounter, the most popular browsers in the world are Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Edge, and the Selenium script is compatible with all of them. You don't need to rewrite scripts for each browser; instead, you may use a single script for all of them.

Support for a Wide Range of Operating Systems: Different operating systems are used by different people, thus your automation tool must handle all of them. Selenium is a very portable program that works on a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, UNIX, and others. You can write Selenium test suites on any platform, such as Windows, and then run them on another platform, such as Mac or Linux. This makes it simple for developers and software testers to design test automation scripts without having to worry about the platform they'll be running on.

Implementation Ease: The Selenium automation framework is a user-friendly tool. Selenium has a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to build and execute test scripts. You can also keep an eye on the tests as they run. You can review detailed Selenium test reports and take action based on them.

Integrations and reusability: Selenium automation test suites, as previously said, are reusable and may be run on a variety of browsers and operating systems. The catch is that Selenium isn't a one-size-fits-all web automation testing solution. As a result, third-party frameworks and add-ons are required to expand the testing scope.

Flexibility: The importance of test management in the testing lifecycle cannot be overstated. Selenium capabilities such as test case regrouping and refactoring make it easier and more efficient. This aids developers and testers in making quick code changes, eliminating duplication, decreasing complexity, and increasing maintainability. These qualities make Selenium more adaptable and usable than competing automation testing solutions, allowing it to maintain its competitive advantage.

Test Execution in Parallel and a Quicker Time to Market: Automated testing's main goal is to save time and effort. We may run numerous tests in parallel using Selenium Grid, which cuts down on test execution time. With the support of cloud-grids for cross-browser testing, you can use Selenium to test across hundreds of browsers in parallel, saving you hundreds of hours of time.

Use of Hardware is Reduced: When comparing Selenium to other vendor-specific automation tools like QTP, UFT, and SilkTest, you'll notice that Selenium uses less hardware than the others.

Simple to Understand and Apply: Selenium scripts aren't the same as building a hundred-page algorithm. Writing Selenium scripts is as simple as writing a few lines of code to automate website functionality. In addition, the Selenium website's documentation is quite beneficial for developers and testers who are just getting started with Selenium automation testing. Selenium tutorials, testing, and development help are all just a Google search away, thanks to the rapidly developing community.

Regular Updates: Because Selenium is backed by a community, and we all know that an active community doesn't like to stagnate, the Selenium community releases frequent updates and upgrades. The nice aspect about having a community is that these changes are easily available and simple to comprehend, so no special training is required. Selenium is therefore more resourceful and cost-effective than other tools.


Important Topics to Learn & Master in Selenium

Learning Selenium will guide you that how to bring your business to the top results to reach your right targeted audience through the free searches. 

Selenium Introduction

  • Test Automation
  • Automation Advantages
  • Introduction to Selenium
  • Brief history of Selenium Project
  • Selenium’s Tools Suite
  • Supported Browsers and platforms
  • Differences between Selenium and QTP

Selenium IDE

  • Selenium IDE introduction
  • Installing IDE
  • IDE features(ICONs)
  • Building Test Cases
  • Running Test Cases
  • Selenium commands-Selenese
  • Verifying Page Elements
  • Assertion Vs Verification
  • Locating Elements (Element Locators)
  • Pattern Matching
  • The “AndWait” Command
  • WaitFor command in AJAX
  • Store commands and Selenese Paramenters
  • Echo – Selenium Print command
  • Alerts, Popups & Multiple windows
  • Debugging
  • Writing a Test Suite
  • IDE Test on different browsers
  • Troubleshooting
  • Selenium Test Runner

Realtime Selenium Project

  • What is ajax
  • Group Project
  • Implementation Project


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Selenium Certification Exam Selenium Certification Exam
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