React Certification Exam

React Certification Exam

Exam Cost: USD 30.00

Benefits of LoopSkill Certification

You will become Internationally Certified React Developer.

Backed by 5000+ Companies this Certification will provide you Great Job Opportunities.

Average salary of a great React Professional is around $80,000 per annum.

Exam Cost: USD 30.00

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What Is React?

React is a front-end JavaScript library for creating user interfaces and UI components that is available for free and open source use. It's up-to-date thanks to Facebook and a community of independent developers and businesses. React can be used as a starting point for single-page or mobile applications. To create React applications, you usually need to use third-party libraries for routing and client-side functionality because React is only concerned with state management and rendering that state to the DOM on the client.

Jordan Walke, a Facebook software engineer, created React and released an early prototype called "FaxJS."

XHP, a PHP component library for HTML, had a significant impact on him. In 2011, it was used on Facebook's News Feed for the first time, and in 2012, it was used on Instagram. In May 2013, at JSConf US, it was made open-source. React Native, which enables native Android, iOS, and UWP development with React, was announced at Facebook's React Conf in February 2015 and made open-source in March 2015.

React Fiber, a new set of internal rendering algorithms that replaces React's old rendering algorithm, Stack, was announced on April 18, 2017. 

React Fiber was supposed to be the foundation for all future React library improvements and feature development.

React 16.0 was released to the public on September 26, 2017. 

React 16.8 was released to the public on February 16, 2019. 

The React team announced the first release candidate for React v17.0 on August 10, 2020, marking the first major release without significant changes to the React developer-facing API.


You can see how popular React is by looking at the statistics below...

React is most popular JavaScript Library in India, Hong Kong, Sweden & Ukraine.

React is 2nd most popular JavaScript Library in Mexico & Brazil.

React is most popular JavaScript Library in .io category.

React is most popular JavaScript Library in .tv category.

React is most popular JavaScript Library in .co category.


Salary Range of React Developer

Depending on the experience level and the demographic area, the salary of a React developer varies widely.

The following is the average React Developer Salary in USA:

Best Minds In React$125,000
Senior React Developers$ 100,000
Intermediate React Developers$ 80,000
React Freshers$ 50,000


The following is the average React Developer Salary in India:

Best Minds In ReactINR 100,000
Senior React DevelopersINR 70,000
Intermediate React DevelopersINR 50,000
React FreshersINR 35,000


What Is React Certification?

React Certification assesses a person's knowledge of the programming language as well as their understanding of programming concepts. A variety of certifying authorities, ranging from government agencies to commercial enterprises and organizations, offer the React certification. Certifications are normally obtained by the completion of an online or offline exam.

All certificates have their own set of benefits, such as international recognition, career opportunities, freelancing, and so on. So, React certification is an online exam that evaluates a developer's skills and knowledge in order to match them with the suitable opportunities.


Why should you take this Online React Certification?

The online React certification from Loopskill will assist you in becoming a certified developer. You can take this exam and by scoring 70% you will become an internationally certified React developer. This certification will help you in three different ways:

  • You can demonstrate your React certification to potential employers and can stand out of the crowd.
  • You can apply for great jobs using loopskill website or app; moreover, our partners companies will contact you directly for full-time or part-time opportunities depending on your skills & requirements.
  • Loopskill is not just a platform to get certified or to find full time jobs; here being a certified developer you can also do freelancing for the clients around the globe. You will be approached by the clients who need your help in building some web based platform or some app based platform.

The loopskill’s online React certification is created to help people in exploring and achieving their full potential so they can get connected to the best opportunities around the globe.


Few Of The Best Websites Using React:

React is utilized by over 10,000,000 websites worldwide. Here are a few examples of high-traffic websites that rely heavily on React:


Advantages of React Language for Developers

React has various benefits for developers; a few of the most important benefits of using React are given below.

  • By removing heavy framework codes like those found in bootstrapping libraries like JQuery, React speeds up web applications by using features like its virtual DOM.
  • With React, page load times can be slashed and overall speed improved, reducing the frustration of users who are forced to wait for the page to load. As a result, the platforms' SEO benefits.
  • Because it is so simple to learn and use, there are no problems when transferring code from an older version to a new one. The codes adhere to the same basic principles as Javascript.
  • It provides developers with a fantastic mechanism for troubleshooting user interface errors and provides information on the bugs that are causing the errors.
  • If you use ReactJS, you can reuse your code and create component modules for ease of use, which allows you to run unit tests to make sure there aren't any system crashes.
  • Because the Document Object Model (DOM) is tree-structured, even the most up-to-date engines and platforms cannot guarantee the absence of nastiness like bottlenecks.
  • The "learn once – write anywhere" library is a good way to describe React. Using ReactJS has the primary advantage of using the same design patterns across mobile and the web.
  • Initially, ReactJS was developed as a private platform before being made available to the general public. Facebook's and Instagram's development teams now fully support it. It's also backed by a team of outside experts.
  • Many companies, such as Bloomberg, Mochi – Pet Supplies & Food, New York Times, Netflix, Dropbox, BBC, etc. use either React or React naive in their app development. So, all you have to do is dream of a better future.
  • Components are the building blocks on which ReactJS is built, and they are fantastic examples of human ingenuity. When attempting to build an app, we always start with the smallest details and work our way up.
  • JSX is a cross between HTML and JavaScript. JSX generates elements and has numerous advantages. They're very simple to combine, and you don't have to use React to do so.
  • ReactJS could use all the advantages of open access, as well as a slew of free add-ons and useful applications from third-party developers.
  • As a result, Redux reduces the amount of time spent storing and managing component states in large, complex programmes. The most sought-after React Advantage.

There are several other advantages to learn React and adopt it for your next website or app development project.


Important Topics to Learn & Master in React

If you wish to become a React master, the topics listed below must be covered.


  • Learning Components & different types of it
  • JSX

State and Props

  • What is State?
  • Stateful Function Components with Hooks
  • What are props?
  • Type Checking with Prop Types

Rendering Lists

  • Using the map function to render lists
  • The “key” attribute
  • Using Fragments

Components Revisited

  • Lifecycle of a Component
  • Side effects and Lifecycle
  • Managing cleanup & Events
  • Error Management

Building Forms

  • Controlled & Uncontrolled Form Components
  • Handling inputs efficiently
  • Project - Building a currency converter

Render Props and Higher Order Components

  • Render Props
  • Higher Order Components
  • Introduction to Portals
  • Event bubbling in Portals

Global and Shared Data

  • Unidirectional Data Flow
  • Challenges with Props
  • The Context API

Hooks in Focus

  • Learning Hooks
  • The useState hook
  • Side effects using the useEffect hook
  • The useContext, useReducer hook
  • Writing your own hook

Routing in a React App

  • Routing in a React application
  • Routing with React Router
  • Nested Routes and Parameters
  • Protecting Routes

Code Splitting

  • Code splitting and Suspense
  • Route Based Code Splitting and Lazy Loading

Isomorphic React

  • Server-Side Rendering
  • SSR with React - Setup and Server
  • SSR with React - The Toolchain

State Management using Redux

  • State Management and Redux
  • Setting up Redux
  • Actions and Reducer for the Catalog
  • Using the connect() higher-order function
  • Actions and Reducer for the Cart
  • Using Redux Hooks
  • Implementing Middleware and Persistence

Testing Components

  • Introduction to Testing
  • Using Jest with Test Utils from React-DOM
  • Using Jest with the React Testing Library
  • Using Jest with Enzyme


Future of React Developer

React already have several inbuilt features which can help you in creating the scalable web or app based platform. The future of React developers is bright because React will integrate capabilities like as autoloading, enhancing security, routing, caching, and better exception handling to create a robust framework. React is a well-established player in the market. It holds the top spot among all web application JS frameworks, a status that will surely maintain. Until 2021 and beyond, React's future is one of uninhabited and augmented growth. As a result, the number of developers who join this framework and the number of websites & apps built with React will undoubtedly rise, raising the average developer wage. So, if you're just getting started in programming, React can be one of the best programming languages to start with.


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React Certification Exam React Certification Exam
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