App Testing Certification Exam

App Testing Certification Exam

Exam Cost: USD 30.00

Benefits of LoopSkill Certification

You will become Internationally Certified App Testing Professional.

Backed by 5000+ Companies this Certification will provide you Great Job Opportunities.

Worldwide Average salary of a App Testing Professional is around $60,000 per annum.

Exam Cost: USD 30.00

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What Is App Testing?

The process of testing mobile apps for operation, usability, and consistency is known as mobile device testing. Manual or automated app testing on mobile devices is possible. Mobile testing is critical for a variety of reasons. In order to do business, mobile apps are essential. It's also vital to test mobile apps to ensure that they perform properly.

Today's Mobile App Testing Challenges

Consumers have grown to expect a high-quality, frictionless app experience. A negative user experience can lead to a loss of users as well as damage to your brand's reputation. As a result, a thorough mobile app testing approach is essential for the development process. Today's mobile app ecosystem is changing at a breakneck pace, posing numerous obstacles for app developers, including:

New Technology: Today's mobile apps must seamlessly integrate with smart-connected automobiles and houses, voice interfaces, kiosks, and other devices.

Geo-awareness and localization: Your app's experience must be appropriate for users all over the world.

Rapid Release Schedules: In today's environment of continuous integration and continuous development, complete testing without delaying your release timetable is difficult.

Personalization: When customers use your app, they expect personalized communications.

Device Fragmentation: Developers must not only keep up with the latest devices, but they must also ensure that their apps run on the most recent OS version, as well as multiple earlier versions that are likely still in use, because users are not always fast to update.

Unexpected Customer User Cases: Each user is unique, and their interactions with your apps will be as well.

Due to these difficulties, testing in a lab environment is no longer an adequate technique, as it ignores the numerous issues that can arise when your apps are distributed to real users using real devices. Applause crowdtesting can help with this.


Salary Range of A App Testing Professional

Depending on the experience level and the demographic area, the salary of a App Testing Professional varies widely.

The following is the average App Testing Professional Salary in USA:

Best Minds In App Testing Development$100,000
Senior App Testing Professional$ 85,000
Intermediate App Testing Professional$ 65,000
App Testing Fresher$ 50,000


The following is the average App Testing Professional Salary in India:

Best Minds In App Testing DevelopmentINR 90,000
Senior App Testing ProfessionalINR 60,000
Intermediate App Testing ProfessionalINR 35,000
App Testing FresherINR 20,000


What Is App Testing Certification?

App Testing Certification assesses a person's knowledge of the testing as well as their understanding of programming concepts. A variety of certifying authorities, ranging from government agencies to commercial enterprises and organisations, offer the App Testing certification. Certifications are normally obtained by the completion of an online or offline exam.

All certificates have their own set of benefits, such as international recognition, career opportunities, freelancing, and so on. So, App Testing certification is an online exam that evaluates a Professional's skills and knowledge in order to match them with the suitable opportunities.


Why should you take this Online App Testing Certification?

The online App Testing certification from Loopskill will assist you in becoming a certified Professional. You can take this exam and by scoring 70% you will become an internationally certified App Testing Professional. This certification will help you in three different ways:

  • You can demonstrate your App Testing certification to potential employers and can stand out of the crowd.
  • You can apply for great jobs using loopskill website or app; moreover, our partners companies will contact you directly for full-time or part-time opportunities depending on your skills & requirements.
  • Loopskill is not just a platform to get certified or to find full time jobs; here being a certified Professional you can also do freelancing for the clients around the globe. You will be approached by the clients who need your help in building some web based platform or some app based platform.

The loopskill’s online App Testing certification is created to help people in exploring and achieving their full potential so they can get connected to the best opportunities around the globe.


What Are the Types of Mobile Testing?

Testing of Functionality

The purpose of functional testing is to examine a solution's functionality and make sure it meets the established requirements. The following points should be double-checked:

  • Installation and operation
  • Interruptions' impact on the app
  • Updates have an impact on the app.
  • Features of a business
  • Resources available on the device

Performance Evaluation

Under diverse settings, mobile app performance testing is performed to determine the app's stability, operability, and resource consumption. The following points should be double-checked:

  • The time it takes to respond to various types of requests (load test)
  • Working capacity when loads are increased (stress test)
  • Long-term operability with a typical load (stability test)
  • When a large number of people are working on an app at the same time, the app's (concurrency test)

Testing for Usability

Usability testing for mobile apps is performed to examine how your program reacts to common user actions. To put it another way, you should look for an app that has an easy-to-use UI and provides a favorable user experience. The following points should be double-checked:

  • Size and appearance of buttons and icons in the layout
  • Navigational logic
  • Clarity of the text
  • Quickness of response (mobile speed test app)
  • Multitasking is a method of operation that allows you to do multiple things at once.
  • In the same situation of termination and resumption

Compatibility Testing

This test checks the performance of software on a variety of devices, platforms, and networks. The following are examples of compatibility testing subtypes:

  • Configuration testing of devices (tablets, smartphones; screen resolution, RAM, processor, battery capacity)
  • cross-platform evaluation (Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry)
  • cross-browser evaluation (Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla)
  • testing of databases (MySQL, DB2, MSSQL)
  • setup of the network (GSM, TDMA, 3G, 3G, 4G).

Testing for security

The goal of mobile app security testing is to identify data leakage risks and uncover potential vulnerabilities that hackers could use for cyberattacks or unauthorized access to sensitive data. The following points should be double-checked:

  • Passwords and logins
  • Defend yourself against attacks
  • Cookies are used to encrypt data.
  • Caching of files
  • Testing for Localization

This form of app testing is required to verify that your solution adjusts to the language and culture of your target consumers. It is critical for businesses that want to expand internationally. Native speakers should be used to check the accuracy of the translation and other cultural elements.


Advantages of App Testing

One of the key duties of the quality assurance process is to ensure that a solution runs smoothly. To be more specific, QA experts examine whether users can successfully download a software to a variety of devices and whether it interacts with the underlying infrastructure as planned. They typically test apps on real devices rather than simulators, ensuring that a fully functional product is released to the market.

UI/UX usability was ensured: Testing helps experts to put themselves in the shoes of end users and assess how a solution looks and feels. They begin by utilizing an app to determine whether its navigation is logical and intuitive, as well as whether it is practical to use in a variety of settings. As a result, testers playing the part of consumers can sense the emotions elicited by an app and forecast whether customers would keep using it or uninstall it forever.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: Customers are more likely to be satisfied if correct functionality and usability are ensured. As a result of the solution's deep analytics, you may establish a positive reputation in the market and reach a larger audience.

Increased Revenues: Although the testing process takes early investments, it helps avoid resolving flaws and redeveloping a product at the end of the process, saving time, lowering total costs, and facilitating a quick time-to-market. Cooperating with QA service providers is a smart move that will pay off in the long run.


Important Topics to Learn & Master in App Testing

Overview of Mobile World

  • Market size and figures
  • Players in the Mobile Space
  • Target audiences and customers
  • Business Model in Mobile Space
  • Overview of Mobile Devices
  • Different types of Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Application Architecture
  • Client-side architecture
  • Server-side architecture
  • Connection Types
  • Development Platforms for Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications Test Types

  • Challenges of mobile application testing
  • Testing in Mobile Space
  • Emulators & Simulators
  • Differences in Mobile & Conventional Application Testing
  • Mobile Testing Types
  • Testing for the devices
  • Testing for the connectivity
  • Testing applications on different platforms
  • Mobile specific testing
  • Testing different types of mobile applications
  • Common test types applied to mobile testing
  • Field testing

Mobile Application Testing Process & Techniques

  • Mobile test Process and Strategy
    • Test Process
    • Test Levels
    • Agile and Mobile Application Development
    • Test Coverage
  • Test Design Techniques Used for Mobile Testing
    • Equivalence Class Partitioning
    • Boundary Value Analysis
    • Decision Table
    • State Transition Testing


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App Testing Certification Exam App Testing Certification Exam
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