Why Is It Worth It To Get A Digital Marketing Certificate?

Posted On: 2021-11-22

The demand for digital marketing knowledge is increasing. When it comes to digital marketers, the digital skills gap is extremely evident.


According to Mondo's annual Tech and Digital Marketing Salary Guide, digital marketing experts are in "great demand," with a 70% rise in demand between 2016 and 2017. Meanwhile, according to a recent Bullhorn survey, 71% of respondents said they were having trouble finding marketing/creative experts qualified to fill their job opportunities.

Those organizations are eager to invest more money in digital marketing in general, even as they struggle to find the right kind of digital marketing skills. According to another recent Mondo report, 80 percent of marketing departments intend to boost their digital marketing budgets in the coming year.

That shouldn't come as a shock. According to eMarketer, digital advertising will account for 44.9 percent of all advertising in the United States by 2022, up from 28.3 percent in 2014.


Companies are putting a premium on digital marketing training.

Companies aren't simply investing in digital marketing; they're also investing in their digital marketers' education.

"The world of digital marketing is always changing," said Maxie Friendly, a marketing and creative recruiting consultant with Smart Savvy + Associates in North America. "It's critical to stay current, and a certification program for marketing professionals is a terrific method to do so." This is particularly true for executives who began their careers in a more traditional marketing mix and now need to learn and apply new technologies."

According to a 2018 Adobe and Econsultancy digital trends survey, the greatest organizations are investing heavily in digital marketing skills training and education — and enjoying the benefits.

According to the survey, 45 percent of top-performing organizations would spend considerably in digital skills and education over the next year, compared to only 23 percent of low-performing companies. Even organizations that aren't on the cutting edge of digital marketing intend to start dedicating more resources in 2018. In 2018, 66 percent of North American businesses aim to raise their digital marketing spending, compared to only 6% who plan to cut their digital marketing budgets.


Furthermore, those top organizations have higher expectations for their digital marketing talent. According to the same Adobe/Econsultancy survey, 73 percent of respondents agreed that their organizations were "combining digital marketing abilities with technology," and those companies were nearly twice as likely to considerably exceed their 2017 business targets (20 percent to 11 percent).

Digital marketers require a diverse set of skills. "Strong digital marketers take the time to understand a company's business needs before tailoring digital marketing programs to specific objectives," Friendly added. "There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all digital marketing strategy or best practice. This is something that a great digital marketer knows how to do."

It can be difficult to develop such a broad skill set, but that's where a digital marketing school can help. For example, BrainStation's Digital Marketing course teaches professionals how to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes topics like content and SEO, paid advertising, search advertising, and display advertising, Google Analytics, data analysis, and reports, social media advertising, channel planning, content calendars, and budgeting, as well as creating, testing, and optimizing email marketing campaigns.

The truth is that today's digital marketers require all of these abilities. According to a survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit and Marketo, marketers are looking for specific talents such as digital engagement and marketing operations/technology (39 percent), strategy and planning (38 percent), and data analysis (38 percent) (32 percent).

More than half of marketers believe the "Internet of Things" — a network of gadgets, devices, home appliances, and cars that constantly exchange data - will alter marketing by 2020, according to the research. To put it another way, digital marketers will be required to grow and learn new skills.

"Employers are seeking for curious digital marketers," said Miriam Groom, vice-president of sales and marketing at Groom & Associates, an executive search firm with offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, and Montreal.

"New forms of technology are continually being introduced to the digital marketing sector, and the digital marketer must be curious enough to question oneself how they may first incorporate and then fully utilize this new technology."


Three Certificates in Digital Marketing That Are Worth Your Time

There's always something new to learn (and virtually always something you should be learning) in the world of digital marketing. Digital Marketing Certification are a simple method to keep up with the latest technologies, strategies, and trends in the field, all of which can help you improve your total skill set and job performance.


So, if you're on the fence about taking further marketing classes, here are six digital marketing certificates worth your time (and that you can do online from home).


Social Media Marketing

More than three billion people use social media on a regular basis, with 56 percent of all adults using several platforms on a regular basis and up to 90 percent of all businesses using social media for marketing. Because social media has become mainstream media, now is an excellent moment to sharpen your social media marketing skills.

Building measurable, end-to-end social campaigns utilizing a range of platforms can be learned through a Social Media Marketing certification course. More importantly, it may assist you in developing a successful social strategy, developing a process for creating social content (including determining which campaign management platform to employ), and optimizing your strategy and workflow for long-term success.

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Analytics for SEO and SEM

It's never a bad idea to improve your SEM skills, regardless of your level of marketing experience. An SEM certificate course can help you gain a deeper understanding of the concepts and best practices of overall search marketing, which can then be used to the development of an effective, all-encompassing marketing plan. In its most basic form, this is efficiently utilizing tactics such as SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to increase traffic and lead creation.

Most importantly, knowing SEM best practices may help you continuously monitor, analyze, and change campaigns, ensuring you're always making data-driven marketing decisions.

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Certificate in Digital Marketing

A digital marketing certificate course can assist professionals strengthen critical digital skills competences and stay current in their business, whether they are marketing beginners or industry veterans. A good digital marketing certification course will usually teach you how to create comprehensive marketing plans that include social media, search, and email marketing, as well as how to design effective KPIs and how to use cutting-edge tools and industry best practices.

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