What will be the highest-paying cloud certifications and jobs in 2021?

Posted On: 2022-02-01

So you've decided to go into cloud infrastructure and development as a career. Or perhaps you're leaning in that direction. It's a big decision, but it's not the only one you'll face.

Are you planning on pursuing an AWS certification? Perhaps you'll concentrate on obtaining a Microsoft Azure certification. Or maybe you'll be a multi-cloud master? Or perhaps you'll assess your abilities and wish to connect with organizations who hire in the same field using Loopskill certification?

The cloud is a large environment, and picking which disciplines, certifications, and cloud platform (or platforms) to pursue can have a significant impact on your future job prospects.

There's no need to stress! However, there is some good news...


Employers will value you more if you have certifications.

Almost any credential should be considered a plus in your resume. When considering the worth of certifications for you, there are many factors to consider, but one of the most obvious is the potential for new, certifiable talents to boost your wage and open up new job prospects.

A higher income was a direct effect of cloud computing certification for 80 percent of employees, and 52 percent said cloud certificates extended their professional options.

According to Global Knowledge, IT professionals who earned new skills and/or certifications reported obtaining an average rise of $12,000–$13,000 USD.

So, how much may cloud certifications and abilities boost your pay? And, on average, what are the highest-paying cloud jobs? Let's get started!


In 2021, what will be the demand for cloud skills?

The demand for cloud expertise continues to rise. It's easy to see why firms would be willing to pay extra for cloud-savvy employees. According to our State of the Cloud research, cloud certification make a candidate more appealing to 82 percent of hiring managers.

And the demand for cloud talents is only increasing. According to a CBRE research from 2020, demand is up 12% year over year, with a normal turnover rate of 42% — "far above the US average for all tech skill sets, which is another indicator reflecting robust hiring demand."


What does it cost to work in the cloud?

The salary for cloud jobs varies depending on where you work.


AWS, Google, Microsoft, and other cloud companies pay anything from slightly under six figures to $180,000 each year.

According to Indeed, cloud engineers make an average base income of $117,000 USD. Cloud computing professionals, according to CBRE, earn a substantially higher average compensation of $153,000 USD.

The typical cloud computing specialist in the United States earns $160,000, according to Global Knowledge, which also notes that "IT decision-makers are struggling to locate qualified individuals for cloud job positions."

A cloud architect, in instance, earns considerably more per year, with the national average compensation of more than $153,000, ranging from $89,000 to $210,000, according to ZipRecruiter.


What are the highest-paying cloud certifications?

Cloud, data, and cybersecurity are all common areas for firms to invest in technology, so it's no surprise that many of the top IT certifications are in those areas. These IT professionals are in high demand and command the highest wages in the industry.

But let's get right to the point. Which AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure cloud certifications are the most cost-effective?


1. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect:

Earning $139,000–$175,000 USD on average

While Google Cloud (GCP) is the third most popular public cloud, this difficult certification has consistently ranked first on lists of the best-paying IT certifications since its release in 2017.


2. Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect

Expert Earning $119,000–$152,000 USD on average


One of the most difficult tasks in cloud certification is obtaining this Microsoft certification and passing its two difficult tests, the AZ-303 and AZ-304. It's no wonder that it's one of the most in-demand IT credentials for 2021, according to CIO.


3. Associate AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Salary: $113,000–$149,000 USD

The most popular AWS certification is the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate, which makes it the most popular cloud certification as well. According to Global Knowledge, the most common work role for people with this certification is "cloud architect," and 75 percent of cloud architects have earned one of them; 28 percent have both.


4. Professional AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Average salary: $129,000–$133,000 USD

The CSA Pro is one of the most difficult and well-known IT certifications. According to Global Knowledge's poll, it is expected to be the most sought-after cloud certification.


5: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner: 

Average pay is $131,000

For most people, the AWS CCP is the first step toward the cloud. According to Global Knowledge, almost 12% of US IT experts planned to pursue this certification in 2020, and the average AWS CCP certification holder has more than five cloud certifications.


6. Associate AWS Certified Developer

Average salary: $101,000–$130,000

This certification dropped out of the top five on Global Knowledge's ranking in 2020 after staying in the top five in 2018 and 2019. However, according to Indeed, the demand for competent developers remains high. This certification shows that you have the technical skills to create and maintain AWS apps.


7. Azure Fundamentals (Microsoft Certified)

The average annual wage is $127,000.

This certification covers the fundamentals of Azure. So, why is it that an entry-level qualification is at the top of the list? What makes it one of the highest-paying Azure credentials? It's most likely because the underlying understanding of cloud and Azure that comes with it can aid a wide range of roles.


8. Cloud Computing Certification From Loopskill

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