What To Look For In Ethical Hacking Training

Posted On: 2022-02-14

Do you know that over 3,13,000 cyber security incidents were recorded in the United States in 2019? This has only gotten worse as hackers have taken advantage of the widespread adoption of work-from-home policies to get access to private networks. Despite the fact that it appears to be a catastrophic scenario, it gives opportunity for anyone interested in ethical hacking. In this article, we'll go over some ethical hacking training courses that will help you advance your ethical hacking profession.

Ethical hackers examine computer systems for flaws or vulnerabilities. Within the corporate structure, there is a significant need for ethical hackers, which can lead to a lucrative career for people who are trained in this field. Hacking Certification


Ethical Hacking's Different Stages

Ethical hacking can be divided into six stages. These phases aren't domain standards, but they serve as a reference.


It's the data collection cycle. In relation to the objective framework, the hacker gathers relevant data. Distinguishing services, working frameworks, packet hops to reach the framework, IP setup, and so on are among them. The reconnaissance step is carried out using various devices such as Hping, Nmap, Google Dorks, and so on.


The scanning phase is where the hacker begins to effectively test the target system or network for vulnerabilities that can be exploited. In this cycle, scanning tools such as Nexpose, NMAP, and Nessus are commonly used.

Obtaining access

The vulnerability discovered during the scanning phase is exploited in the third step using various tactics, and the hacker attempts to gain access to the target framework without alerting anyone. For this phase, Metasploit is the most used tool.

Keeping Access Open

This is the most important step, during which the hacker instals several backdoors and payloads on the target machine. If you don't know, payload is a term used to describe the operations that are performed on a system once unauthorised access has been increased. Backdoors allow the hacker to gain access to the target machine more quickly in the future.

Clearing the Way

The sole unethical phase in this ethical hacking procedure is this one. It has to do with the deletion of logs from the seemingly endless number of tasks that occur during the hacking cycle. In any case, Ethical Hackers must act out this phase to demonstrate how a real hacker would approach their work.


Reporting is the final step in completing the ethical hacking measure. In this step, the Ethical Hacker compiles a report detailing his findings and activities, such as the tools used, vulnerabilities discovered, success rate, and so on.


There are five different alternatives for ethical hacking training.

Ethical or white hat hackers gain access to IT systems with the permission of the company's owners. Here are a few possibilities to explore if you're seeking for ethical hacking training:

  • Bundle of Complete Ethical Hacking Courses (STATION X).
  • Course for Licensed Penetration Testers.
  • Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch on Udemy.
  • Cybrary.
  • Certifications in ethical hacking that are widely accepted.


Ethical hackers' responsibilities

  • A good ethical hacker understands and follows his responsibilities. An ethical hacker's main responsibilities are to:
  • Before attempting to infiltrate their network and doing a security evaluation on the system, get permission from the company.
  • Scan the ports and check the patches to see if there are any vulnerabilities. They also use social engineering techniques such as chart scavenging in bins, sniffing, phishing, session hijacking, and so on.
  • Report any system flaws or vulnerabilities that you find.
  • Keep the outcome a secret and remove all evidence of the legitimate hack so that criminal hackers can't exploit the system's known flaws.


To Become An Ethical Hacker, What Information Is Required?


You should at the very least be able to understand, if not write, code. Although some experts claim that becoming an adept programmer will make you a better hacker, many hackers are not programmers. Regardless, the more you think about programming ideas, the better you'll be able to understand and consider the challenges around specific hacking tactics and vulnerability finding.


You should have a solid understanding of networking fundamentals, including how switching and routing function. An unquestionable prerequisite is a thorough grasp of the OSI layer. You must be able to observe how networks and network gadgets work.


Most systems come with pre-installed databases. When you hack ethically, you'll need to know how to make queries because you'll end up with database access. Once again, understanding the stray pieces of each type of system that you would be compensated to break into is critical.

Computer operating systems

You'll find Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems as you hack responsibly. You can also be in charge of doing tests on mobile operating systems. As a result, you'll feel comfortable flexing your hacking skills on a variety of operating systems.


Certifications in Ethical Hacking

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