What Kinds Of Jobs Can You Get With JavaScript Skills?

Posted On: 2021-11-26

If you're unfamiliar with JavaScript or need a refresher, it's a programming language for adding and controlling dynamic content on websites. Whereas markup languages like HTML and CSS tell web browsers how to display a website (by specifying static elements such as headers, typefaces, and paragraphs), JavaScript executes the features on a page that need to update in real time without requiring the user to refresh their screen (things like interactive maps, animated graphics, scrolling video, jukeboxes, etc.).

JavaScript is a vital addition to an HTML/CSS base because most websites eventually require content and functionality beyond plain text. But, when it comes to finding paid work, how well do JavaScript abilities translate?

We'll address that question in this post, and when you're ready, check out our Skillcrush Front End Developer and Web Developer Blueprint Courses to master the skills you'll need to get these jobs. These online lessons are designed to be completed in three months with only one hour of study time every day.


There are various JavaScript jobs for freshers as well as experienced:


1. Web Developer, Front End

It entails creating a website's user-facing, visual component. This position is primarily concerned with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a light backend. You're probably familiar with several concepts outside of the core technologies, such as regression testing and performance.

The following are the responsibilities of a Front-End Developer:

  • Develop new software applications from conception to completion, including testing and maintenance.
  • To create consistent codes and libraries for future use.
  • Ascertain the UI/UX design's technical capabilities.
  • Before sending to the back end service team, make sure that all of the user's inputs are authorized.
  • Collaborate with the rest of the team and investors.

In India, the average salary for Front End Developers is between Rs. 4,00,000 and Rs. 4,50,000 per year.


2. Developer of Web Applications


Interactive online forms, shopping carts, word processing, spreadsheet programs, video and photo editors, file conversions, scanning programs, and email software are all examples of web-based software applications. Adobe AIR is used to create cross-platform desktop apps, and ELECTRON employs JavaScript.

In the creation of interactive web pages. To make this JavaScript easier, it would be preferable to add a JavaScript framework like jQuery that boosts your JavaScript skills. It varies from Front End Developers in that it focuses more on programming fundamentals and less on design.

Among the various job tasks are:

  • Good understanding of user interfaces, web functionality in general, cross-browser compatibility, and industry standards.
  • Knowledge of how to plan and deliver software platforms for a variety of products and business units.
  • Overall functional understanding and Web Services design experience.
  • This JavaScript profession also involves dealing with web-specific languages such as PHP, ASP, Ruby, Python, and others.

In India, the average annual income for Web Developers is Rs. 2,80,727.


3. JavaScript Programmer

A JavaScript developer is in charge of connecting this newly generated piece to the back-end services. The back end web designer, who is in charge of all server-side application logic, usually assists the developer. A JavaScript developer collaborates with other front-end web developers who specialize in application markup and styling. A JavaScript developer is in charge of application programming and development. He's also in charge of:

  • The main front end platform website is being developed and improved.
  • New user-facing features are being developed.
  • Design and construct new front end applications for a variety of platforms, as well as assist with front end work on other programs (HTML/CSS/JavaScript in Ruby and Python).
  • Code analysis, requirement analysis, code metrics identification, system risk analysis, and software reliability analysis are all tasks that must be completed.

In India, the average annual income for JavaScript developers is Rs 4,25,863.


4. User Experience Designer

It is concerned with the study and investigation of how people utilize a website. Then it's a matter of guiding positive changes through the system and putting the results to the test. Knowing both user experience design and JavaScript can help you earn a lot of money.


  • A UX Designer's responsibilities include:
  • Understanding the features of the product as well as the psychology of the user.
  • Execute the website's concept and usability testing.
  • User research and data were used to create personas.
  • Defining and assessing the appropriate interaction model.
  • Creating prototypes and wireframes based on customer requirements.
  • Finding new and creative solutions to UX issues.
  • Working with UI designers to create appealing designs.
  • Design concepts and prototypes are communicated to developers.

In India, a UX Designer earns an average of Rs. 6,09,379 a year.


5. Web Developer

If the job title includes the word "designer," it is a design job. Designing and executing the website's appearance and functionality. Furthermore, the profession is entirely focused on the internet. Additionally, design tools of choice, HTML, CSS, and light JavaScript would be specific talents.

As a Web Designer, you'll be responsible for a variety of tasks in JavaScript:

  • To meet business needs, enter programming code from scratch or from existing website software and graphics packages.
  • Uploading the website to a host and registering it with various search engines are the next steps.
  • The website is being tested to see if there are any technical concerns.
  • Keeping up with computer technology advancements and their impact on the business environment.

In India, the typical income for qualified web designers is between 2.5 and 3 lacs per year.


6. User Interface Designer

This job entails a lot of design work. They're also incredibly good with design tools of choice, even if they only know HTML and CSS. The person should be familiar with both interface design and JavaScript. Visual Designers are another term for UI Designers.

  • A UI designer's tasks include:
  • Collaborating with engineers, UX designers, and copywriters as part of a team.
  • Use any of these strategies to create, improvise, and use wireframes, user flows, prototypes, and style guides to effectively express interaction ideas.
  • Showcase several design options. All design decisions are made in accordance with the overall design plan, as well as the designer's personal design thinking and core ideas (i.e. color theory, visual weight, etc.)
  • Keeping the design team up to date on the most recent changes in the industry's standards.


A UI Designer's average annual income in India is roughly Rs. 5,07,943.


7. Full-Stack Programmer

It's similar to how the front end and back end of a website work. The organization also requires highly qualified individuals, and this is a high-end position.

Responsibilities and abilities necessary for a JavaScript Full Stack Developer position include:

  • Design the web application's entire architecture.
  • Designing and establishing new features with the engineering team.
  • Experience with both mobile and desktop development.
  • Security and data protection knowledge and execution.
  • Experience in back-end programming languages is required (Example: JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python, Java, .NET, etc)
  • Working with graphic designers and converting designs into visual elements is a plus.


In India, a Full Stack Developer earns roughly Rs.500000 per year on average.


8. DevOps Engineer

This position serves as a link between IT and developers. They're also investigating server software, version control, deployment, build methods, and server/process testing.

A DevOps Engineer's responsibilities include:

  • Updates are being deployed, and technical difficulties are being resolved.
  • Developing technologies to reduce the occurrence of errors and improve the user experience.
  • Creating software that works in conjunction with internal back-end systems.
  • Root cause analysis for production errors is carried out.
  • Scripting the visualization process to make it more efficient.
  • Procedures for system troubleshooting and overall maintenance are being developed.

In India, a DevOps Engineer earns an average of Rs. 666,232 a year.


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