What is React JS and how does it work?

Posted On: 2022-01-13

Have you ever wondered how web designers come up with such stunning designs? Do you want to create such stunning websites on your own? If you do, we've got just the thing for you. To create such distinctive UIs and web designs, developers employ React JS, a powerful JS toolkit.

What is React JS and how does it work?

React JS is a JavaScript toolkit for creating and designing user interfaces for websites and web applications. It enables you to add interactive components to your website. JavaScript is a scripting language that allows website owners to create and manage dynamic content (such as slideshows, animated graphics, interactive forms, etc.).

A drop-down menu shows when you hover your cursor over the 'Courses' button on upGrad's homepage, for example. This is an interactive component, which you may create using JavaScript.

Jordan Walke, a Facebook engineer, created React JS in 2011 to make UI development easier. However, unlike Angular, React is not a framework; it is an open-source project that aids in the creation of user interfaces. It is a Model View Controller application's 'view' layer.

The ability to create components is an important feature of React. Those components are HTML elements that can be reused. This means you can rapidly and easily reuse them to construct a user interface. React has state and props, in addition to components, that allow it to simplify data storage and management.

Understanding React Certification can be difficult if you're not familiar with JavaScript. To better grasp React, let's first define a JavaScript library and how it works.


Salary of a React JS Developer in India:

The starting salary of React JS developer is INR 40000 and the average salary of a React JS developer is INR 70000 while on upper hand an experienced React JS developer is earning around INR 120,000 per month.


What is the definition of a JavaScript Library?

One of the three main web development languages is JavaScript (the other two are HTML and CSS). It is in charge of a website's interaction and behaviour. Without JavaScript, websites would be devoid of any dynamic features that would help them stand out.

You'll come across various situations in JavaScript where you'll have to execute repetitive activities, such as creating a stock animation effect. It might be difficult and frustrating to write code for such repeated operations every time. That is why JavaScript libraries are used by programmers.

A JavaScript library is a set of JavaScript code that may be used to create standard JavaScript functions. This eliminates the need to redo the same code lines for each activity. It saves you a lot of time and space in your editor while also assuring that you have a low risk of making mistakes. React is a JS library that focuses on making UI development easier.


Why should you learn React JS?

React is a must-have for any web developer for a variety of reasons. The following are some of the most notable among them:

1. Massive Demand

In India, there is a huge demand for React JS developers. The need for React developers is expanding as the number of tech firms and apps continues to rise. UI has become an important part of web development, especially since Google takes it into account when establishing its SERP ranking.

Companies such as digital marketing agencies, app development agencies, startups, and even large corporations are looking for front-end engineers who can use React. By mastering this library, you'll be able to add a highly sought-after talent to your resume.

2. Brings in a lot of money

Developers with React JS in their skill set earn an average of INR 7.35 lakh per year. You can get a variety of jobs in the computer industry if you study React. For example, you could work as a front-end developer, who is in charge of a website's client-side. In India, the average annual income for a front-end developer is INR 4.77 lakh. As you gain more experience and skill, it can rise to roughly INR 13 lakh per year.

With numerous years of experience, a React developer's pay might reach INR 17 lakh per year. Because React development is a specialist expertise, companies pay top dollar for it, and there is a severe lack of these professionals in the business.

3. It helps you save time and money.

React is used by development teams since it saves them a lot of time and resources. As previously said, a JS library streamlines your efficiency by simplifying the coding of repetitive operations. React assists developers in coding the user interface (UI) of their applications. It can be tedious for developers to write the same code lines over and over again if they don't use React.

React allows the team to use less resources and save a lot of money because it makes them more efficient.

4. Simple to Understand

React is quite simple to understand when compared to other libraries, programming languages, and frameworks. Although you must be familiar with JS before beginning to understand this library, you simply need to grasp the fundamentals of JavaScript. After only a few days of training, you'll be able to create stunning user interfaces.


How to Learn React JS for Free on the Internet

One of the most important abilities for a web developer is React JS. Whether you want to be a front-end developer or a full-stack developer, you'll need to understand React JS in both scenarios. Understanding React JS, on the other hand, can be difficult. It necessitates a working understanding of UI fundamentals as well as JavaScript. 

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Is learning React JS sufficient to get a job 

The short answer is no. Just learning the React JS is not sufficient to get connected to the right job opportunity. The best thing you can do is to appear for React certification. When it comes to React JS certification then LoopSkill is the best platform you can consider for your professional carrier.

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If you are planning to be frontend or full-stack developer then React JS can be one of the best language you can prefer. Also you can appear for the international certification if you want to get the better job opportunities.