What factors should you consider when selecting a Software Testing Certification exam?

Posted On: 2022-02-21

Now that you've decided to pursue a career as a software tester in IT, you'll start by enrolling in a software testing course, then revising your resume, preparing for interviews, and so on. The objective, profile summary, project experience, skills, and certification are all included in the software testing resume. Certification is critical these days if you want to advance in your professional career in a holistic way. Software testing certification not only enhances your expertise but also adds weight to your resume.

Software testing certification provides a clear assessment of a person's software testing abilities. When properly implemented, it aids in greater organisation, better thinking, and strategic thinking.


What factors should you consider before selecting a software testing certification?

A variety of organisations provide software testing certification. What factors should you consider before selecting a software testing certification? The following are the factors that were taken into account:

  1. For software testing positions, the qualification should be recognised by IT employers.
  2. It should be acceptable all across the world.
  3. Meet the requirements of the IT industry
  4. Increasing the level of difficulty
  5. An objective assessment was carried out in a controlled exam atmosphere.
  6. A higher cutoff is required to develop an individual's competencies.


There are five major software testing qualifications to consider:

1. CTFL ISTQB: International Software Testing Board's Certified Tester Foundation Level. There are three levels of exams, each with a particular specialisation. You can begin with the first level, which is the Foundation level. More information is available at www.istqb.org and astqb.org.

2. CSTE: This stands for "Certified Software Test Engineer," and it is a valuable benchmark for all software testers and managers looking to improve their professional competency and quality control best practises in any IT business. 4 years of institution experience and 2 years of work experience are required for eligibility. This certification exam is available through the software testing certification customer portal.

3. CSTP (Certified Software Test Professional): This acronym stands for "Certified Software Test Professional." The International Institute for Software Testing pioneered this. Any newcomer to the testing sector, as well as managers and leaders in the field, can complete this certification course. Principles of software testing, test design, managing the testing process, test executives and defect tracking, test automation, and static testing are among the subjects covered.

4. CTM: The "Certified Test Manager" credential assists test managers and senior testers in effectively managing test projects by increasing their management skills. Test process management, test project management, test process measurement and improvement, and other topics are covered in this exam. Applications are available at the IIST office for this.

5. LoopSkill’s SQL Certification: The SQL Certification Exam from loopskill is best to provde your skills and to get several job opportunities when entering into the market. The best thing is this certification will just cost you $30. https://loopskill.com/c/international-sql-certification You can find the certification from above link. Join the exam now and get your skills certified.



Certifications are must for your career. If you are looking to find great career growth, great job opportunities then you have to get your skills certified. And to start your career before appearing for best certifications you can appear for LoopSkill’s Software Testing Certification.