Top IoT Skills to Advance Your Career

Posted On: 2021-12-06

The phrase "Internet of Things" was coined in 1999 to characterize the proliferation of network-connected smart gadgets, and the industry has been growing steadily since then. According to Cisco data, 127 new IoT devices connect to the Internet every second, and more than 75 billion IoT devices might be online by 2025, according to a ZDNet story.

"IoT node devices capture sensor data, in some cases including audio and video, and transfer it to IoT gateways, other devices, or directly to the cloud," Eric Brown noted in a recent FOSSlife IoT series. The Internet of Things is most commonly associated with smart home hubs and home automation devices such as smart locks, thermostats, and sprinkler systems. Despite this, IoT device spending in the industrial, infrastructural, and government sectors is currently higher than in the consumer sector."

IoT Certification occupations are expanding to keep up with this fast growth and the associated demand in areas like data management, information security, and application development.

We'll present a list of general skills for growing your IoT profession in this article, as well as resources to help you get started.


The following are the categories of must-have skills for IoT experts, according to this TechTarget article:

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Development of Node.js
  • App creation for mobile devices
  • API testing and automation
  • Information protection
  • UI/UX (user interface/user experience) design
  • Cloud computing is a type of computing that uses the


However the article from CIO offers a somewhat different list of in-demand IoT talents to think about:

  • Computer-assisted learning
  • AutoCAD
  • Node.js
  • Infrastructure for security
  • Engineering for security
  • Data abounds.
  • GPS research and development
  • Engineering in the electrical field
  • Designing a circuit
  • Programming a microcontroller


Certifications and Courses of IOT

LoopSkill IoT Certification: Loopskill conducts an online examination of IoT to help the professionals in getting internationally certified and in connecting them with the right job opportunity. The LoopSkill Iot Certification is available at the least cost in the market and with the best opportunities to offer. This certification can be achieved by anyone then be it working professional or a new bee entering the world of IoT. You can visit the platform 


Microsoft Azure IoT Developer Certification: Microsoft’s Azure IoT Developer certification is for the professionals who want to excel their career with several great opportunities.

The Global Tech Council has certified you as an Internet of Things (IoT) expert.

The Cisco Learning Network offers Cisco Career Certifications.

AWS Training and Certification's Internet of Things Foundation Series

Stanford University offers a free online course called Introduction to the Internet of Things.

The Linux Foundation offers IoT and Embedded Development training courses.



IoT is a growing field with so many great opportunities to offer. So if you are looking for a challenging career with good pay scale and with great opportunities then this field is the right choice for you.