LoopSkill Announcing Node.js Certification

Posted On: 2022-01-18

Today, we're excited to share some exciting news that hiring managers, engineers, and founders have been waiting for: LoopSkill's Node.js Application Developer and Service Developer programs now offer Node Certification for qualified Node.js Developers!

The certification program is intended to demonstrate proficiency with the Node.js framework, as well as to help developers create reputation, recognize skill, and improve their careers. LoopSKill foundation will continue to curate the material and will continue to give support to maintain the certification's functional integrity and quality, building on the work of community members and working alongside the LoopSkill Foundation and the Linux Foundation.

The exam is based on best practices found among Node.js developers at all levels, including scaled usage in enterprise environments. "We are ecstatic to see this vital project come to fruition, and we are honored to have played a role in helping to provide this possibility for developers to have their talents validated through certification. With the help of the foundation, Nodesource, and key community members, we hope to accelerate Node.js adoption and the development of outstanding products and services. We're giddy with anticipation." CEO of NodeSource, Russ Whitman.


Is It Necessary To Get The Certification?

The certification serves as evidence of one's expertise and understanding. It helps you advance in your career by allowing developers to learn, practice, and exhibit the particular abilities needed to be a successful Node.js developer today. Earning the certification not only shows that you're serious about improving your talents, but it also validates your expertise in a highly sought-after sector. To put it another way, you will set yourself apart from other Node.js developers.

This Node Certification is the next step in the profession for Node.js engineers, and it provides an opportunity for training and advancement. It's a long-term investment in yourself and your career. Companies will be able to locate and hire Node.js professionals more easily today, which could boost your wages.

So, if you're a Node.js developer looking to broaden your skills and gain market exposure, getting certified might be the way to go.

At a glance, the test will last 3 hours. Exams based on performance supplied through a browser-based virtual environment, where students have to go through 100 MCQs divided into 2 different sets. The two-year certification comes with a PDF certificate and a digital badge.


Training & Previous Experiences

To become a loopskill certified Node.js developer you don’t have to have any previous compulsory years of experience or compulsory training program. If you are good at what you do, you can simply appear for the Node certification from LoopSkill and can get a lot of great opportunities. The necessary learning you can make from YouTube free master classes or several classed available for free of cost on Udemy.



The exam will set you back $30 USD however if you are an Indian it will cost you INR 1800 Including GST Tax. You can check more details about certification at following URL https://loopskill.com/c/international-nodejs-certification



It is not necessary to become a certified developer to work as a node.js developer. However if you are a node.js certified developer then amount of opportunities you will get are beyond imaginations.