For New-Age Professionals in India, the Best Online HR Certifications

Posted On: 2021-12-06

Human resource management is one of the most promising career paths since it allows you to work at the forefront of enterprises across numerous divisions. It is a career that consistently scores high on best-career rankings. Furthermore, in the approaching years, the demand for HR specialists is expected to rise.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job growth for Human Resource Managers is expected to expand by 7%, 5% for Human Resource Specialists, and 8% for Training and Development Managers until 2028.

Even if you land the HR job of your dreams, you generally won't want to stay there indefinitely. To be relevant and competitive in a highly competitive and continuously changing work world, HR professionals must keep up with technological advancements and advances. But how do you keep up with the times and develop your Human Resources career? By obtaining certification! HR certification classes can help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to advance in your job.


Online HR Certifications Have a Lot of Advantages

HR certification courses allow professionals to demonstrate that their qualifications go beyond the bare minimum. These credentials enable employees to stay current with industry trends and provide them an advantage over other prospects.

  • Extend their skill set to show commitment to the domain.
  • Highlight the top-ranked institutes on your CV to help it stand out.
  • Learn new skills to help you advance in your career.
  • Increase your chances of getting promoted and getting a raise in pay.
  • Close the gap between knowledge and abilities, resulting in increased productivity.

Certification programs are offered by a number of institutes and online portals. However, the question that will arise in your mind is whether or not they are all credible. We can assist you if you are unable to locate the top institute and the ideal online certification for your professional progress.


Companies Providing HR Certifications

There are 100s of companies providing the HR Certification. But when we are considering the best company for providing the HR Certification then you can only trust two companies. & MEHR. LoopSkill is an online platform where you can simply appear in the examination right from the comfort of your home.

MEHR has been dedicated to its aim of offering practical, enjoyable learning in people management since its founding in 1997. Middle Earth HR is Asia's No. 1 Training Institute in HR and Leadership Certifications.


Different Courses in HR Certifications

1. Training and Development Licenciate

This HR certification course will give your resume a lot of weight. By applying analytical principles in several subcategories such as instructional design, training, and development management, you will acquire the best practices you need to become a leader.


2. HR Generalist Certification

This course will provide you a solid foundation in all aspects of human resources. It will also provide practical solutions to the HR issues you face on a daily basis.


3. Payroll Specialist Certification

This HR certification course will teach you how to understand all types of employee payment transactions for small and large enterprises in almost any industry.


4. Global Recruitment Analyst Certification

This program will provide you a good understanding of the best recruitment methods, as well as the most up-to-date tools, tactics, and strategies for hiring and retaining top people in various industries.


5. Learning and Development Manager (Certified)

You will be able to identify the need for training in your business, as well as plan and coordinate the training process, after completing this course.


6. HR Analytics And Metrics Certified Professional

This certification program will assist you in learning how to create and use HR Analytics.


7. Compensation and Benefits Manager Certification

This course is designed to provide you the skills and information you need to manage compensation duties in your company.


Who Is Appropriate for This Certification?

Senior HRs, HR Specialists, Payroll Officers, HR Managers, HR Admin Managers, Lead PMS, Talent Management, VP HR, Deputy Manager, Senior Executive, and Head HR with more than 5 years of experience can benefit from this qualification.



Q1. What are the benefits of online HR certifications? Can an online HR certification help me get a better job?

Absolutely. While obtaining an HR certification is not required, it is preferred by all companies. An HR certification verifies your domain knowledge and allows you to advance to a higher pay bracket much more quickly. Constant upskilling at any point of your human resources career is beneficial, but income increases are also dependent on your job location and certification type. As a result, it's best to go for globally recognized HR courses and qualifications.


Q2. What kind of HR courses should I take in order to advance my career as an HR leader?

HR executives must have a lot of job experience. For organized and practical leadership training, you'll also require licentiate and specialized credentials, such as the ones listed above.


Q3. How long will it take me to complete my HR certification?

The timing is determined by the course and the course provider. The time it takes to complete Middle Earth HR courses in a live online classroom setting is roughly 6 weeks and up. When looking for human resources courses, see if they are also self-paced.


Q4. Would a fresher benefit from an online HR certification?

Ans. Yes, of course. An online HR certification can provide you with the skills and knowledge you'll need to develop your career, whether you're a fresher, a freelancer, an experienced professional, or someone who's just starting out in the field of human resources. It is also good for professionals who want to improve their collaboration with HR in order to have a more meaningful job.