Exam for PHP Web Development Certification (Foundation)

Posted On: 2022-01-13

The acronym PHP stands for "Hypertext Preprocessor." It's an open-source server-side scripting language that's ideal for web development. PHP code can work with other languages such as Javascript, HTML, and CSS. It also works with a variety of databases, such as MySQL, SQLite, Db2, MongoDB, Oracle, and others. PHP is compatible with nearly all major operating systems. PHP is a programming language that has been widely used to develop a wide range of internet applications in recent decades. People pursue this PHP certification in order to increase their employability and professional skills.

Rasmus Lerdorf began developing PHP in 1994, when he created many Common Gateway Interface applications to manage his own homepage. He modified them to work with web forms and databases, dubbed "Personal Home Page/Forms Interpreter" or PHP/FI.

Simple, dynamic web apps could be built with PHP/FI. On June 8, 1995, Lerdorf announced the release of PHP/FI as "Personal Home Page Tools version 1.0" on the Usenet discussion group to speed up problem reporting and improve the code. The core functionality of PHP was already included in this edition. Perl-like variables, form handling, and HTML embedding were all provided. The syntax was similar to Perl's, but it was more basic, constrained, and inconsistent.


PHP Uses & Advantages

PHP is a backend language that developers are using to built customer websites or apps. The big CMS like WordPress is also built on PHP. Different advantages of PHP are given as below.

  • PHP is regarded as one of the most user-friendly scripting languages. PHP does not require a manual or extensive study as compared to other web languages.
  • PHP is extremely adaptable, whether it's in the middle of a project or after it's over.
  • The vast majority of operating systems are compatible with PHP.
  • PHP has the potential to be an efficient language, depending on how the web developer programmes. When writing codes, it is scalable, and it can also be utilised to create a huge number of applications.
  • PHP is a free web language because it is an open-source project. Purchasing pricey licences or software does not cost anything.
  • PHP, in comparison to other programming languages, gives the website developer more power.


PHP Certification Exam

LoopSkill’s Free Online PHP Certification Exam (Foundation), you can earn PHP Web Development Certification and receive a printed copy of your certificate. The goal of this online certification exam is to assess your ability to build and develop a website using PHP's basic syntax and techniques.

LoopSkill's PHP Web Development Online Certification Exam is a multiple-choice exam covering the fundamental ideas of PHP. Some questions may have more than one valid answer, and you must select all of the proper alternatives for your response to be declared correct. After completing this LoopSkill certification exam, you will be entitled for an e-Certificate, and you may also receive a certificate in hard copy version for a little cost. You will also receive a certification badge to show on your social networking platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and others, to demonstrate your knowledge. LoopSkill’s online exam for PHP Web Development Certification (Foundation) can improve your career profile and increase your chances of finding a decent job.

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PHP is a broad language with so many use cases. If you are planning to become a developer then you can learn PHP. After learning PHP if you will be looking for better job opportunities then you can simply appear for LoopSkill Certification and can get the best job opportunities and market exposures.