Certifications for Hadoop

Posted On: 2021-12-06

What exactly is Hadoop?

Is Big Data the same as this?

Which one has a greater number of career chances after certification?

If the questions above cross your thoughts or are posed to you by others, you've come to the proper location to get the precise answer. In this essay, we'll go through the differences between Hadoop and Big Data and see which one has the most job opportunities.


What's the difference between Hadoop and Big Data, and how do you tell the two apart?

Hadoop and Big Data are interchangeable terms. The certifications for Hadoop are known as Big Data Hadoop. The terms are interchangeable, however they refer to the same course and certification process.


Why is it necessary to obtain Big Data Hadoop Certification?

Big Data Hadoop Certification verifies that a person possesses the most in-demand talents in the IT business, namely the ability to implement, use, and exploit Big Data Hadoop. The Big Data Hadoop Certification courses are a mix of Hadoop developer, Hadoop administrator, Hadoop testing, and Apache Spark analytics training.

Big Data is a cutting-edge approach of storing, analyzing, and utilizing massive data sets that multinational corporations utilize to develop policies and plans. These massive data inputs aid in the development of strategies tailored to specific target markets around the world. Customer-centric goods, services, and modifications are produced and implemented based on the inputs updated and saved in big data. Cloud computing does not provide a large amount of data storage space and is also expensive. Big Data Hadoop, on the other hand, is a less expensive and larger data storage system that is in high demand in the IT industry.

Every multinational company, including McDonald's, Yum Brands, Burger King, Ericcson, Cognizant, Sony, Standard Chartered, Saint-Gobain, Cicso, and a slew of others, uses big data to store, analyze, and review information before developing organizational policies and strategies for various regions around the world.


What will I gain from Big Data Hadoop certification and training?

  • You will learn and write several Hadoop and YARN core applications.
  • Learn about Zookeeper, HBase, Oozie, Pig, Hive, MapReduce, and other ideas and applications.
  • On Amazon EC2, I'm able to build up pseudo-node and multi-node clusters.
  • Discover how to work with Avro Data Formats.
  • Learn how to use Spark, Spark SQL, Data Frame, GraphX, MLlib, and Streaming to create Spark applications.
  • Using Pentaho and Talend, I was able to configure ETL technologies such as Pig, Hive, MapReduce, and others to function.
  • MRUnit and other automation tools can be used with Hadoop testing applications.
  • Using Hadoop and Apache Spark, you will be able to handle a variety of realistic, real-world tasks.


Which Big Data Hadoop Certifications are available online?

The following are some of the Big Data Hadoop Certifications available online:

1. Hadoop Certification by LoopSkill

www.LoopSkill.com conducts online certification exam for Hadoop Professionals. This certification helps you in three different ways. It helps you in evaluating your Hadoop Skills. This certification connects you to the best job and freelancing opportunities. This certification circulates your profile with 10000+ companies around the world so you can be contacted by the best job opportunities. So if you are looking for the Hadoop Certification then LoopSKill Hadoop Certification Exam can be best for you.


2. Hadoop Certification by Cloudera

For many years, Cloudera has been a Hadoop Certification. It provides three types of Hadoop certifications:

Cloudera Certified Data Scientist (CCP DS), Cloudera Certified Administrator for Hadoop (CCAH), and Cloudera Certified Hadoop Developer (CCHD) are all Cloudera certifications (CCDH).


3. HDP Certified Developer Hortonworks Hadoop Certification (HDPCD)

Hortonworks is well-known for providing Hadoop Certification for individuals interested in specific and relevant job fields. They provide the following certifications:

Apache Hadoop Developer Hortonworks Certified (HCAHD)

Apache Hadoop Administrator Hortonworks Certified (HCAHA)


4. Big Data Certification Program MapR Hadoop Certification

MapR Hadoop Certification provides industry-specific Hadoop Certification by assessing the candidate's advanced cluster knowledge and skills. The following certificates are available:

Hadoop Developer with MapR Certification (MCHD)

You can register for the MapR Certified Hadoop Administrator (MCHA) and MapR Certified HBase Developer (MCHBD) certifications here.


5. Hadoop Certification from IBM

Big Data IBM Certified Data Architect

IBM Hadoop Certification includes Hadoop training and real-world industry projects that must be completed before certification may be obtained. High-level expertise, abilities, and a training procedure that applied in-depth knowledge of Hadoop tools and concepts validate the candidates. The nicest thing about IBM Hadoop Certification is that it has no expiration date. This implies you won't have to repeat the testing process every two years. The certifications have the following names:

Certification in IBM Big Data Architect.

Certification as a Big Data Engineer from IBM.


6. Data Curation Professional SAS Hadoop Certification

SAS is well-known for its analytics certifications. Their credentials are extremely cost-effective, and they are backed up by courses taught by highly qualified and experienced instructors. SAS offers the following certifications:

SAS 9 Certification for Big Data Professionals.

SAS 9 Certification for Advanced Analytics Professionals.


What are the statistics on the kind of employment that Big Data Hadoop Certified experts have gotten?

According to Allied Industry Analysis's research, the worldwide Big Data Hadoop market would grow to $84.6 billion in the next two years.

Indeed reports that the average income for a Hadoop Administrator is $123,000, the average salary for a Hadoop Developer is $100,000, and the average salary for a Hadoop Architect is $172,000 million. These are the highest starting wages for IT professionals.

Finally, according to IBM, the number of employment for data professionals in the United States is predicted to grow by 2.7 million every year.



Finally, the Big Data Hadoop Certification is the most sought-after certification in the IT sector. It will provide you with a steady professional life by providing you with several prospects for job advancement with reputable IT companies. The certification process is extremely cost-effective, and it is accompanied by courses that will help you learn and get the necessary information and skills from industry experts. You gain lifetime access as well as an ace on your certificate, which might help you find a dream job at a reputable IT firm anywhere in the world.