Are Data Science Certificates Worth It in 2021?

Posted On: 2022-01-27

"What data science certificate should I get?" is one of the most frequently asked questions on Quora concerning data science. For students without a traditional data science education, obtaining any type of certification may appear to be a vital step on the path to a data science profession.

Let's get one thing straight right away: you don't need a data science credential to work in data science. Because recruiters don't care about any data science credential, you should select your learning platform based on the skills it teaches, not the certificate it offers.

But that doesn't rule out the possibility of certificates being valued! Let's take a closer look: 

Data Science Certification


Data Science Certification from LoopSkill

Loopskill is a best platform to test your data science skills and to get further opportunities. You can find more details about the certification by visiting this URL The loopskill certification is best for the entry level jobs and for the professional who want a switch their career.


Data Analyst Course/Exam at Cloudera University

What you'll learn: The course focuses on leveraging Apache tools such as Hadoop, Hive, and Impala to undertake data analysis. Some SQL is discussed, but no Python or R programming appears to be addressed.

The course costs $2,235 for 180 days of access in its on-demand edition. The Data Certification exam is an extra $295, bringing the total programme cost to $2,630 if you pass the exam on the first try.



What you'll learn: Dataquest provides four separate career tracks that cover the skills needed for jobs as a data analyst, data scientist, or data engineer. The subjects addressed vary per path, but they include Python or R programming, SQL and PostgreSQL, probability and statistics, machine learning, and workflow abilities like Git and the command line (bash/shell), among others.

**An yearly Premium subscription costs $588 $294 (discounted)**. Subscriptions are also offered on a monthly basis.


Professional Certificate in IBM Data Science

What you'll learn: This Coursera-based class will teach you Python and SQL, as well as some Python machine learning abilities.

A Coursera subscription is required and costs $39 per month. The estimated total programme cost is $390, based on Coursera's 10-month completion projection. A $369 curriculum is also offered on EdX in a similar format.

There are no prerequisites. There is no application process (anyone can sign up and begin learning), and there is no requirement for prior knowledge of statistics or programming.


Data Science Professional Certificate from Harvard/EdX

What you'll learn: This EdX-based course will teach you R, as well as some machine learning, statistics, and workflow abilities. It doesn't appear to have SQL in it.

Price: $441 currently on sale.

There are no prerequisites. There is no application process (anyone can sign up and begin learning), and there is no requirement for prior knowledge of statistics or programming.


Professional in Analytics Certification

**What you'll discover: **

Nothing – this is only a certification exam, though there are test prep classes available.

The certification exam costs $695 and comes with minimal study resources. Preparation classes are offered, with prices ranging from $75 to $1,000 depending on the format.

Prerequisites: To take the Data Certification exam, you'll need to fill out an application, and because there isn't a course included, you'll need to have learnt the required content on your own or sign up for one separately.


With Google Cloud, you can go from data to insights.

**What you'll discover: **

This course focuses on using BigQuery, Google Cloud's data analysis platform, to learn SQL data analysis abilities.

A Coursera subscription is required and costs $39 per month. According to Coursera, most students will take about two months to finish the programme, thus the certificate will likely cost around $117.

**Requirements: **

"We recommend learners have some familiarity with ANSI SQL," according to the course page, but it's unclear what degree of SQL knowledge is required.


Data Management and Analytics is a Microsoft MCSE certification.

What you'll learn: This course focuses on dealing with SQL and integrating SQL skills with Microsoft products like SQL Server and Microsoft Azure Cosmos.

Cost: The course is ostensibly free if taken online, however Microsoft hasn't made the courses available as of this writing. At various price points, a number of instructor-led in-person courses are available. Students must pass three distinct certification tests to receive the credential. Each of these exams costs $165, bringing the total certification cost to at least $495.



It’s good to master in Data Science. But real mastery can only be achieved when you can prove your skills and can get connected to right opportunity at right time. So to prove your skills the best method is loopskill certification.