About Us


About Us

Loopskill is the part of LinkLiv Pvt. Ltd. 

Loopskill is a two way platform which can be used by the professionals to become certified in their respective professions, being a certified professional people can work as a freelancer on the platform or can apply to the full time jobs listed by great companies directly.

At Loopskill the employers can hire the freelancers on demand either on project basis or simply work by hour. Here professions can make money with engaging with real clients around the globe.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to build a platform for

Freelancers to help them in becoming certified and to find them job of their interest and to become financially independent

Clients to help them find the certified professionals hassle free, aligning with their need

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the flexibility & platform to

Freelancers in finding the work relevant to their skills and get rewarded accordingly for their rocking services

Clients to be able to find freelancers for their work with ease and to be able to communicate, elaborate & reward freelancer easily and hassle free.


For any issues you can either email us at info@loopskill.com

You can also contact us by whatsapp/telegram +91 9816685212


Our Operating Address:

Plot No. 67, Nokwal Adarsh Society

Loahgrah, Pinjour, 134102

Haryana, India